Listing Services

Wonder how much your art or object might be worth and how to sell it? Simply follow the steps below and our specialists will review your submission at no cost and provide preliminary estimates for items that can be included in one of our sales channels in 15 to 20 days.

We will help you sell your valuable objects with the right strategy. If your item meets our quality standards and minimum consignment value, Urban Cabana will provide preliminary estimates and will recommend the most effective way to sell your items -- whether in one of our live or online-only auctions, as a private sale , on Buy Now marketplace (US only) or, if appropriate, with one of our trusted partners.

There are three main ways to sell with us. We look forward to discussing the best possible route for you. 

PRIVATE SALES. Private sales are for the discreet brokerage of a high-value transaction between the seller and buyer.

BUY NOW. Our online luxury emporium offers all-access to extraordinary items available for immediate purchase.

RETAIL LOCATION. Experience works in person at our retail location: 22 Glenwood Avenue Raleigh, NC, 27603. 919-292-5886. Appointments Preferred. 


Prices of items for sale at our gallery are set considering several criteria, including the age and history of the item, as well as our own experience and knowledge of the market.

There is no registration fee, and the consignor will receive 60% of the selling price of any item that sells for $75 or higher and 70% of the selling price of any item that sells for less than $75.

Markdowns: If an item does not sell within the first 30 days then the price is reduced by 15%. The item will be marked down by another 20% after 60 days then dropped by 25% after 90 days.

If your item does not sell after 90 days you should pick up the item within 10 days. Items in stock for more than 100 days will be donated. Please be advised that this will happen without further notice or payment to the consignor.

Disclaimer: We require a photo identification to list with us. Preliminary estimates may be subject to change upon inspection of the item